Globetrotting is always exciting, but sometimes the journey is not as thrilling as the destination no matter how many wall decals you read it on. As fun as traveling is and whether it’s for work or for pleasure, jet-setting can come with its own set of complications.  The foremost issue being self-care. it’s easy to run yourself ragged as you hop from one locale to another sometimes feeling homesick and other times just feeling plain old sick. Here are some sure-fire tips to help you feel A+ while you travel.


1. Wipe It Down

I’m no germaphobe, but when I’m on a plane I like to use some quick hand wipes or sanitizer spray to wipe it all down: that includes the mini tv, the tray, and the armrest, and all the buttons surrounding your seat. Sure you may get some eye rolls but once the flight ends you’ll be the one whistling with nary a sniffle.

2.  Just a Dab

So this one caught me by surprise, I had read about it somewhere (I cannot even remember where) and ever since then it has come up often and people swear by it. To avoid getting sick on a plane dab Neosporin on a cotton swab and coat the inside of your nostrils. Whether or not it is a myth, I believe it to be true because not only does it moisturize the skin inside the nose, it’s antibacterial properties create a barrier for germs.

3. Pack a Portable Hug

Sometimes planes can be chilly and depending on where you are traveling the weather as well. That’s why I’m not opposed to carrying a nice blanket with you. Throw it in your purse or backpack and no matter how far you travel you’ll feel comfortable both on and off the plane with something that feels and smells like home.

4. Go Pro

No, I’m not referring to the little camera but to… PRO-biotics. Probiotics are important to overall nutrition and essential to gut health. These with much-needed hydration (that’s right you should always drink loads of water) help keep your gut in check and stave off jetlag.

5. Comfort is Key

Sometimes it’s hard to get comfortable on a flight, especially the longer ones. No matter what class you sit in you’re still essentially sitting in a compound tin up in the sky. That’s why any little piece of comfort helps like bringing headphones. Whether your’e entertaining yourself with music, watching television/movies, or canceling out noise while delving into a good book (like myself) your own headphones are an essential part of a flight.

6. Be an Efficiency Expert

Check your flight schedule, check-in online, give yourself enough time to get to the airport, blah blah blah these are all things your parents tell you, so I certainly don’t need to. But one thing I can say is incredibly crucial is taking an efficient purse/backpack. I have my designated airport purse, a large tote where I carry all my plane essentials: all things listed above plus snacks and more!