So not my typical city guide blog post, but just a snow appreciation post. I had the opportunity to travel to Memphis over the long weekend to visit one of my close friends who is studying there. Instead of creating a jam-packed itinerary of things to do and exploring the city, the weather halted us and paralyzed the whole city with it.  When it feels like 9 degrees F outside you don’t really want to go roaming outside especially when you’re from one of the warmest cities in the country. Even though I enjoy the cold there is really nothing like seeing snow. If you’re from the North you are probably rolling your eyes, the snow gets tiring quick, but for this Miami girl it’s like magic. So here is my love letter to the chilling but always thrilling, snow.

Just as the plane landed in Memphis I was greeted by falling snow. One of the calmest and purest moments is watching the snow fall, it’s incredibly peaceful. It honestly does not even feel as cold when the snow is coming down. While we were reveling in this newly winter wonderland, we snapped photos to our heart’s delight. Not my first time seeing snow, but not exactly common occurrence for me.

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a thick white blanket of snow coating rooftops and a once bare city. It’s both whimsical and wonderful perfectly described in countless Christmas songs dedicated to Jack Frost’s creation. Besides, if it’s going to be this cold might as well be surrounded by a perfectly white wonderland than just cold and lifelessness.

So here’s to Snow! may it continue to make our treetops glisten, children listen, and all our Christmas’ white… even though it’s January.