I have to say, out of all the places I’ve been London is definitely one of my favorites. I immediately fell in love with the city. There really is no place like it, maybe it’s all the pomp and pageantry. Even with traditions and history old as time, London is still a  buzzing metropolitan city. It’s understandable how you can easily be overwhelmed with all to see and do. So If you are looking to do London, in a short time, here is my Insiders Guide to London!


The World’s Most Famous Clock

Best time to visit Big Ben and the Parliament building is probably early in the morning or sunset for a photo op. The bridge across the way is a great way to see the whole landscaping! And if you are lucky like me you might get to see London in her natural gloomy weathered state.


You’ve Got to Do It

Buckingham Palace, of course, is a must do! The queen lives there, it’s royal landmark. It’s actually all very impressive the gates, the guards, the gardens. It will be packed with tourist, but it’s worth it. And if you’re lucky enough to go during the small period of the year when they take tours of the palace, I’ll consider myself incredibly jealous.

Bird’s Eye View
The London Eye (aka the most famous Ferris wheel in the world). It was a bit daunting at first mostly because I am personally scared terrified of heights. Rest assured there is absolutely nothing scary about it. A unique view of the city, nothing like a bird’s eye view of London!
*Tip: do not let the line deter you… it’s worth it.
Heading out of the City
 This one is a little way out of the city, but easy to get there by train. Windsor Castle is a quintessential part of English royal history as the oldest and largest castle occupied castle in the world. It’s beautiful just like what you’d expect from an English Castle! One of my favorite spots to visit!
To the Royal Borough
Kensington Palace is a more modern looking palace (Compared to Windsor). As the Residence of Queen Victoria, Princess Diana, and now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this palace is filled with a fascinating history. Inside you’ll find each room filled with stories of Queen Victoria plus a Princess Diana museum.
Stroll Through the Gardens
Once you visit the palace, Kensington garden is a must and not just because Peter Pan was created there. Stroll along the park and get lost in the beauty of English gardens not missing the Diana memorial fountain or the Peter Pan statue.
Get Lost at Harrods
How does one go to London without getting lost in Harrods?! The biggest department store I have ever been in! A store that ranges from selling clothes to furniture to food (and I’m not talking target).*Also a good place to have a nice meal! I had a dinner at their rotisserie… delicious.
Immerse Yourself in British History
Okay, so the Tower of London is a “have to do”! It’s The Tudors coming to life (for those of you that fans of the show, like myself). It’s filled with an exceeding amount of history of the English reign. Studying Tudor history in University this place was a personal favorite just to witness the place these stories came to life. Recommend a tour with a Beef Eater and photo op as well! And do not forget to take a picture with the famous London Bridge.
Exploring the West End
Piccadilly Circus is like the Times Square of London, except a lot smaller. Busy & hectic known for its neon signs and major shopping and entertainment attractions. For pictures, I recommend going early in the morning… fewer people.
All the World’s a Stage
 This one might be because I am an English nerd and thoroughly enjoy Shakespeare. But the Globe Theater is thoroughly worth it even for those non-English geeks. I mean everybody knows Shakespeare and it’s amazing to see how his world worked, maybe even see a production. Even though this is not the original theater it’s pretty much an exact replica.
*the actual spot of the original Globe Theater is now a pub. So order yourself a drink and cheers to Shakespeare.
Calling on My Foodies
This is for all you foodies. As famous as Borough Market is I happened upon it by chance, and I am so glad I did. It’s a large food market filled with about everything you can imagine baked goods, fresh produce, spices, natural juices, and meals on the go. Well, basically everything!
Visiting the Abbey
I love visiting churches when I travel to different places. Religion was a large focal point when it comes to history hence the architecture of these buildings are insane (in a good way). Westminster Abbey dates back to 960 AD, yes filled with a plethora of history as the coronation and burial sites of many British monarchs.
Feed the Birds
St. Paul’s Cathedral, like Westminster, has a rich history dating back to the 17th century. The cathedral is a masterpiece and an icon of London. The Cathedral has taken part in the jubilee of Queen Victoria, the famous wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, and of course the notable Feed the Birds scene from Marry Poppins.
 *the view from the top of the Cathedral is a primo spot for photo ops of the city
Heading to Central London
Lucky enough when I stayed in London my hotel was right on Trafalgar Square. The name most notably commemorates the battle of Trafalgar where the Brits defeated the Spanish and French in the Napoleonic Wars. It’s a beautiful open area filled with the bustling of people, Londoners and tourist alike. Great Place for people watching!
Changing of the Guards
Going to London and not seeing the changing of the Guard is like going to Italy and not eating gelato? Unthinkable! London is known for its pomp and pageantry, royal traditions with a monarchy that fascinates the entire world, and of course royal guards incapable of smiling (I would definitely be awful at that job as a compulsive laugher). As I mentioned above the changing of the guards is a must see at Buckingham Palace, but just in case you miss it there are lots of other location opportunities to witness it: Windsor, Household Calvary Museum (on horses), and Tower of London.