Ever since the New Fantasyland opened equipped with a Little Mermaid section, a new Snow White ride, and the now famous Beast’s castle and Gaston’s Tavern this has been the new hot spot of the Magic Kingdom. Since the debut of the Be Our Guest Restaurant, this restaurant has been impossible to get reservations for. Seeing as eating at the restaurant is the only way to take a peek inside the infamous Beast castle equipped with the West Wing and all, it’s become quite the hot spot.

For breakfast and lunch, the restaurant is quick service. Although it’s counter service recommendations are still highly recommended. It is unlike any other counter service in the parks, with your pre-selected food being brought to you by a waiter guided by a “magic” rose given to you at check-in.

For dinner, the restaurant transforms into a sit-down table service with a complete French-themed food and beer and wine menu making it the only place that serves alcohol in the Magic Kingdom.

Having every desire to get reservations for the Be Our Guest restaurant for the sole purpose of seeing inside the castle, I valiantly attempted many times to get reservations to no avail. Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favorite movies so witnessing the inside of the Beast’s Castle was of the utmost importance to me. Sometimes you just get lucky like asking the same day for availability and totally hitting the jackpot.

Stepping into the Castle was like stepping into a scene straight from the movie. The ballroom replicated the magic and splendor of the classic waltz scene and it was the perfect place to dine in palatial grandeur.

For dinner, I opted for the Layered Ratatouille and my friends chose the Grilled Skirt Steak.

And of course the most important part of the meal… dessert. The waiter brings a cart full of seemingly delectable desserts to choose from even the infamous “gray stuff”, but my heart belongs to chocolate so a deliciously sinful chocolate cupcake it was. It may just be my enormous sweet tooth, but it was my favorite part of the meal.

The West Wing was my absolute favorite room. Of course, the most captivating part of the castle adorned with the enchanted rose, the torn portrait of the young prince, and complete with flashes of lightning and thunder… talk about the ultimate man cave.

Of course, the castle would not be complete without Belle’s Library.

The food was good, but nothing to write home about but it’s completely worth just to gawk at the beauty of the Beast’s castle. My inner Belle was completely fangirling over the beauty and likeness of the rooms and of course the meet and greet with the Beast himself. Yes, you heard me a one on one picture with the Beast.

So if you are a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast or have a lingering curiosity to visit the infamous Beast Castle I highly recommend being their guest.