It’s that time again! The Golden Globes have come and gone, the Academy Award Nominations are upon us, and there’s a healthy lineup of celebrations from the SAG Awards to the Grammys still in our sights. And while many of us may not be walking down the red carpets of these illustrious events ourselves, that doesn’t mean we can’t throw an equally fabulous party of our own. So today we’re helping you imagine a watching party even you would want to take a limo to. Take a bite of any of these helpful tidbits below and you’re sure to win the award for Best Party Planner…Ever.


Give the Red Carpet Treatment

Celebrities receive swag bags, and so should your guests. Fill your bags with small tokens your friends will enjoy such as candy, top hats, and mini champagne bottles. Create a red carpet of your own with fabric from a local craft store. Add glitz and glamour to your soiree with gold accents. Use gold throw pillows on seating, hanging gold stars from your ceiling, serve your guests on gold trimmed plates, etc.

(photo by: The Inspired Home)


Serve It Up

Finger foods are the best option when hosting a party during Awards Season. Guests will want to pay close attention to the awards and not have to sit down to a formal dinner. You can’t watch a show all about movies without an iconic cinema snack. I like to offer personal servings of popcorn along with a bar stocked with a variety of toppings and seasonings to doctor it up.  Get creative! Theme your appetizers and cocktails around the nominated movies and television shows. Cheers, the winners with bubbly. Stock up the bar cart, champagne and cocktails are ideal for an extravagant night.


Play Dress Up

Don’t be afraid to get decked out as if you’re on the red carpet yourself. No better excuse to dress to the nines and feel as if you’re genuinely part of the event whilst being in the comfort of your home. Or you can skip the glam and go for the goofy by bringing out wigs, glasses, bow ties or other signature accessories that represent the nominees. Guests can channel their inner Meryl and dress up as their favorite stars when they win. Gather everyone together for an attempt at clenching the Ellen DeGeneres Oscar selfie record.


Have Fun with It

Print nominee ballots to pass out to guests and have them choose winners beforehand. Have a fun prize for whoever guesses the most nominees correctly. Use trivia questions about the awards show for rounds of trivia during commercial breaks. Sit back, have fun, and enjoy the show. Cheers!

(photo by: Passion Shake)